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Tim Hortons® Signature Treats

Here at Tim Hortons, we’re known for our signature coffee, handcrafted espressos and delicious baked goods. Whether it’s a classic or something new, these treats have flavor to savor.


Chai Beverages. Creamy Chai Chill. Chai White Hot Chocolate. Vanilla Chai Latte. Limited time only. ©2019 Tim Hortons. Learn More

If you love the flavor of Chai, we have three new beverages for you to enjoy! Try our Creamy Chai Chill, Chai White Hot Chocolate, or Vanilla Chai Latte. They are the perfect start to your morning or pick‑me‑up in the afternoon. Close

New! Specialty Hoagies. Double Cheese Steak. Turkey & Ham. Chicken Bacon Ranch. Limited time only. No substitutions. ©2019 Tim Hortons. Learn More

Experience another level of deliciousness with our new Specialty Hoagies. Enjoy our Double Cheese Steak filled with savory Angus Steak and topped with both Mozzarella and American Cheese. Or try our Turkey & Ham with sliced turkey, Cheddar Cheese, crisp lettuce and fresh tomato. Lastly, our Chicken Bacon Ranch is a crowd pleaser with crispy chicken, tasty bacon, lettuce and tomato. Only available for a limited time! Close

Strawberry Baked Goods. Strawberry Cheesecake Donut. Strawberry Dip Donut. Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin. Limited time only. © 2019 Tim Hortons. Learn More

These three Strawberry Baked Goods are sure to sweeten up your day! Treat yourself to our Strawberry Cheesecake Donut made with a cream cheese filling and topped with graham crunch topping. Or try our colorful Strawberry Dip Donut covered with strawberry fondant and rainbow sprinkles. Finally, our Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin is the perfect mix of strawberry and cream cheese flavors. Enjoy them while you can, our Strawberry Baked Goods are only available for a limited time. Close

2 for $4 Breakfast Sandwiches Sausage, Egg & Cheese. Plain Bagel or English Muffin. Limited time only. Single item at regular price on menu. No substitutions. ©Tim Hortons, 2019 Learn More

A delicious breakfast at an amazing value! Now you can enjoy two of our Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches on a Plain Bagel or English Muffin for only $4. Stop in and try this combo today. Close


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